What I have learned

When the semester started off I wanted to become and RN and be a hardworking member of society. This year has taught me that, although hard work is important it is not the only thing in the world that is. A lot of incidents have occurred this year to prove just that. Although I still want to get my masters of nursing degree I am in no rush and am taking next year off to work, make money and spend time with those I care about. I may also spend time next year volunteering at the nursing home to expand my network and to help out the staff and residents.


I finally got a placement!!!! I will be doing my volunteer hours at Parkview Nursing Home in Stouffville Ontario. I previously did co-op at that nursing home during my final year of high school. I loved the nursing home when I was there before and I am extremely excited to start again. 

Cold and Flu

The article “Snow, cold, influenza and colds-Temperature and infectious Disease” is about seasonal pathogens seem to be seasonal while others are not. The article speculates that the reason many more people become ill during the winter months is that it is colder outside so people tend to stay inside. By staying inside we are in closer contact with people and germs are spread more easily. I found it interesting that the author of this article talks about many possibilities as opposed to favoring one. Scientists may also find this article interesting as it goes though many different explanations of why people tend t get sicker in the winter. Psychologists may also find this interesting as the author talks about the behavioral approach and how it relates to the theories of scientists.

I will be doing a volunteer placement in order to gain experience in the medial field. I hope to arrange to do with a nursing home. Volunteering at a nursing home has a lot of appeal to me because I want to become a nurse. As I have stated before I have previously volunteered at a nursing home and enjoyed I a lot. The most challenging part about finding a placement at this point is that the people at the establishments I have applied for are not calling me back. I am hoping to gain experience in the nursing field by doing my volunteer placement at a nursing home because I would be able to interact and help patients.


My name is Amy and I am a GHS student at Sir Sandford Fleming College. On this blog I will be talking about my future career which will hopefully be nursing. I will be doing co-op at a nursing home to gain hands on experience. I hope to further my understanding of the nursing profession. I previously did co-op at a nursing home in Stouffville and greatly enjoyed my experience. It helped my to realise this is indeed what I want to do as a career. I am excited to start my placement at a new nursing home to learn how the two differ and gain more experience in working with others.